The Drive Home Breakdown 053 – Captain Marvel

The Breakdown is back! We’re braced for the summer movie onslaught. Before our eyeballs and our movie-ticket funds are obliterated, we’ve got our final back-episode to bring you. With less than twenty-four hours to the release of Avengers: Endgame, we talk about the solo-flick-intro of what could be the indispensable character for the future of the MCU. Buckle up kids, The Breakdown is rolling out on Captain Marvel!


The Drive Home Breakdown 051 – Solo: A Star Wars Story

The Breakdown is back! Today we’re putting the throttle down to check out Solo: A Star Wars Story. Being split on our opinion of The Last Jedi, but completely simpatico in our love of Rogue One, its anyone’s guess how we’ll react to Solo.

Was Ron Howard able to snatch the film from the jaws of mediocrity? Were the actors able to step out of the shadow of the legendary original cast? Are the planned sequels still on the table? Only one way to find out. The Breakdown is rolling out!

The Drive Home Breakdown 051 – Solo: A Star Wars Story

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