The Drive Home Breakdown 037 – Logan


The Breakdown rides again! This week, we’re kicking off 2017 with a film that is to comic book movies, what Unforgiven is to westerns. In his last turn as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman delivers a genre-defying final chapter to his run in the X-Men franchise. Prepare your ears for glory, its The Drive Home Breakdown of Logan!

The Drive Home Breakdown 037 – Logan

10 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 037 – Logan

  1. Shoot, I left the fill thinking it was almost Oscar worthy….LOL. I think one of the biggest existential hit the film made with me was the meaning of the character and Hugh Jackman’s role. I grew up reading the comics and this movie captured the allure of the Logan character more indicative of the graphic novels. Jackman has played the role for almost 20 years and represents the only actor interpretation of the character and has aged with the character. As you watch him limping around and fighting as an older version compared to his faster and more agile on screen action appearances, it seems like you are truly watching the end of an era of this character. And for me, there is the ultimate meta-reflection that I have aged myself greatly. It’s a fine film indeed, not just a superhero film as you all stated.

  2. I think we were both running on just a few hours sleep that day to I suppose we were quite a bit more laid back than usual. As the movie sort of points out…we’re getting older.


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