Welcome to The Drive Home Breakdown!



I’m Brent and along with my co-host, Tony, I’m incredibly excited to be launching our new show. We’ve been podcasting at EpicBattleaxe.com for over five years now but there’s always been a show that we’ve wanted to do but, for whatever reason, never materialized. Until now.

When Tony and I first met we bonded over comics, video games, and, especially, movies. During our heyday (otherwise known as the still-living-with-our-parents era) we were at the cineplex forty weekends out of the year. Seeing movies in the theater on christmas day has been a long-running tradition we started together. Nearly every film we’ve seen theatrically, we’ve seen together.

And, out of all those trips to the cinema were born some of the most epic conversations we’ve ever had. Our theater of choice is an hour away (that’s a story for another blog) so every drive home was a chance to celebrate, rant, and discuss the movie we’d just seen. Whether the movie was good, bad, or Transformers, breaking down the film during the drive home, was the best part of the evening.

So, after years of our friends and families urging us to, we’re starting a new podcast to share our movie conversations with you; straight from the car during the drive home. We’ll be recording this show during our car ride back from the theater to capture the energy, passion, and discussion that only happens right after the credits roll and the lights come up.

So, lets talk about format. Our drive home is about an hour so that’s how long the shows will usually be. As for often we’ll be doing shows? About as often as we make it to the theater. This won’t be a weekly show and our only goal is see the movies we want to see and then capture whatever discussion follows. As for when the episodes will be released, we’re discussing that right now. We’re trying to strike a balance between timeliness while also giving our audience a chance to see the film for themselves before hearing our take. We’ll play that one by ear for now.

Thanks for checking out the site and we look forward to hearing what you think. Our first episode will be Captain America: The Winter Soldier, look for it next week and welcome to The Drive Home Breakdown!