The Drive Home Breakdown 001 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Drive Home Breakdown 001 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Welcome to The Drive Home Breakdown! On our maiden voyage, we’re kicking off the summer with Captain America: The Winter Soldier! After a lackluster series of Phase Two films, can Marvel reclaim their pre-Avengers glory with Cap’s latest outing? We bring you our epic conversation, straight from the car ride home!

The Drive Home Breakdown 001 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

28 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 001 – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  1. completely awesome!! only yesterday I thought it would be great to get more from the axelords, two podcasts aint enough to get through my week and now you guys decide to do this, amazing! much love from a longtime axehead and I hope to listen to many more of these!!
    danny from germany

  2. Hi Brent,
    what is your verdict (before I listen to the show and want to want the movie first). I did not like he first one. I this one more in line with the Avengers?

    Fabian from EBA

  3. Fantastic show guys! Glad to see that you enjoyed the movie. I love it myself and have gone to see it twice (thus far). xD At the end there I was one of those people screaming “IT’S CROSSBONES! It’s the guy that ends up…” well no, I won’t say anymore because spoilers =P” One of my favorite parts of the movie is with Sitwell on the roof scene. Where he starts listing off names including one particular BIG one that any Marvel fan should know.

    Hmm, one other thing I want to mention. The guy at the start, the Boss of the pirates, is actually a Marvel villain. A very lesser known one and one that is… well he’s bit of a joke in the comics. His name is “Batroc the Leaper.” The colour of his uniform is actually quite true to the comics. So in a way it kind of makes sense that he was able to put up a bit of a fight against Cap.

    Anyways, loved the show and I’m quite looking forward to the next one!

  4. @Fabian: we loved it. I mention in the show that Anthony Mackie (Falcon) described the movie as Avengers 1.5…I think that’s pretty accurate.

    @LordX: Yeah, we forgot to mention the name-drop, but we both caught that one! After I got home, I hit up the marvel wiki and read about Batroc…yet another one that slipped by us. Thanks for checking out the show!

  5. This was great guys! You could really feel the passion and excitement on the aftermath of having watched a great movie.

    I agree on all accounts regarding the Cap movie, including the “boos battle” in the freighter. I was watching that and thinking to myself “Who is this guy? Is he a supervillan I missed because he’s sparring toe to toe with Cap.” and thinking about it, the centipede project would fit really well as an explanation for his seemingly above average strength.

    Speaking of centipede, If you have been keeping up with the show, check out the tie-in Agents of Shield episode. It’s not something I would describe as amazing or anything but it was a really cool way to link the stories.

    Going back to the movie, I agree that the pacing was spot on, the action sequences were well balanced and enjoyable, the interaction between Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson was really fun and even the small touches like the fact that “nobody stays dead in a comic book (Doctor: ‘Time of death is somethin, something’; Me: ‘No, It’s not’)” made this a great film overall. Plus, as with you guys, I was with my friends too and I was, apparently, the only one to know who the Winter Soldier was, which gave us a different outlook on the plot and scenes like the “death” of Fury

    I’ll definitely be checking the next episodes out (after watching the movies, of course!).

  6. Minor Agents of Shield Spoiler Warning!!!!

    @Lavitz: I’ve watched the tie-in ep of Agents of Shield and I liked it. It was cool to basically see the events of Cap playing out from a different perspective. Plus, it seems like the circumstances that occur are going to affect the show in a pretty fundamental way. I think that’s cool and am looking forward to see where things pick up next season.

    Also, was it just me or was there footage from Cap (that wasn’t just re-used trailer shots) playing near the end of the episode? Can anyone else think of an example where that’s happened before?

  7. Brent, did you notice that this movie is REALLY similar to MGS 1?

    An old American war hero (Captain America = Solid Snake) has to stop a conspiracy within the American government. His past friend has had his memory wiped and has been augmented with cybernetics. (Winter Soldier / Bucky = Cyborg Ninja / Grey Fox) After getting deeper into the conspiracy a giant war machine designed to kill huge numbers of people covertly is exposed (Air Carriers = Metal Gear Rex)

    There are also some little things that weren’t really the same, but reminded me of MGS. Nick Fury playing dead reminded me of Decoy Octopus’s ploy with the DARPA Chief. The final hand to hand fight on the Air Carriers reminded me of the battle with Liquid and the Ninja and the Metal Gear. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver at the end reminded me of Psycho Mantis too. Visiting the graves at the end looked a lot like Big Boss visiting The Boss’s grave.

  8. @sayianianian: Wow, what a cool read on the film. I hadn’t at all thought about it, but you’re right there are all kinds of parallels. This is a mashup vid waiting to happen to once Cap 2 hits Bluray…or magically appears online in some other way…

  9. @Brent: I vaguely recall the footage of the Agents of Shield episode you’re mentioning, but I couldn’t tell for sure. Relative to the episode, there are those who believe the show was leading to this from the beginning because of the overlap with Cap’s script and it is fun to think of how they could be all interconnected so as to create a consistent universe.
    We live in interesting times.

  10. i liked the movie and i agree with you guys on most things, but the amazing spider man kinda sucked ass. spider man 1&2 are the best so far. and thor 1&2 are good but i steal can’t get over ( Natalie Portman) “Jane” over (Jaimie Alexander) ” The Lady Seth” if it was me, Seth all the way. EBA forever!!!

  11. Great show guys….I narrow my thoughts down to a single observation…no CGI villains. Although I loved the Avengers, fighting CGI aliens at the end was anti-climactic; Cap 2 dealt with real humans, real evil…like in real life…personal battles of conspiracy, espionage and very little fairy magic. Very well done!

  12. I want to point out a few things. First off, Captain America isn’t superhuman in the regard that he’s faster, stronger or tougher than human, he’s just peak. I would also like to point out that in the comics, the Winter Soldier/Bucky wasn’t a super soldier either. He was just a highly trained operative with mental issues and a metal arm. Also, Bartoc was apparently a pretty big modern badass killer, and he did get his ass handed to him by Cap.

    Also, in the comics, Brock Rumlow, AKA Crossbones, is a mercenary who primary works for Hydra, so him being a Hydra agent in the Marvel Movie Universe was a nice touch. Unfortunately, when I watch the film a second time (yeah, I liked it enough to go twice) the name meant something but I had to look it up.

    Keep it up, can’t wait to listen to the next one!

  13. Hey, guys! I don’t know if you’ll get to read this comment or not but regardless, great show! Very in-depth and a lot of fun. I’ve been wanting you both to make another show with EXACTLY this theme for a while now and, after having listened to the first episode, I can safely say that I was not disappointed. I hope that you keep at it, even if the rest of the axehead army doesn’t migrate over in large numbers. I for one fully intend to make it a priority to listen to this one.

    Thanks again!

  14. Great show guys. Yes Cap 2 was awesome movie but every right and I have say to say I agree with lot things you two said. For next cap bot only will we see more of winter soldier but I’m also interested in more of Agent 13. She mentioned to cap that she on phone with her aunt (who is Peggy) back when first got home plus Black Widow kept trying to get Steve to talk to her I wonder if she knows. Can’t wait to see Cap reaction when he finds out plus they never said who Peggy round up marrying since in that newsreels she mentioned her future husband was someone Cap saved hmmmm. Anyway great show guys looking forward to next one I just make sure I seen the movie too before I listen

  15. Hey, just wanted to chime in quickly. I’m listening to the first ep right now (i love it) and I’m half way through, at the part where Tony mentioned the French pirate guy who fight Cap. That’s Georges St-Pierre, the former longtime-reigning UFC Welterweight Champion. The dude is fucking legit, literally one of the best fighters to ever live, that’s why he was able to go toe-to-toe with Cap for a bit.

    I’m a huge, huge combat sports fan so I felt like this was worth mentioning. It was pure stunt casting, but everyone if the cinema here in Canada recognized him immediately (he’s from Quebec) and cheered on the fight.

  16. Also, wow, I happen to think IM3 is top 3 Marvel films so far, but then, I always read DC and never cared for Marvel, so I don’t really feel the outrage over the Ben Kingsley character. All I know is that I love Shane Black’s writing and directing style (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of the most underrated movies of the last 10 years), and I had a blast with Stark’s latest adventure from start to finish.

    I really don’t understand the complaints about it, but whatever.

  17. I think the UFC bossfight was really cool, because the bad guy challenged Captain to fight without the shield, which he does, and by doing this I get the feelIng that Captain America doesn’t go all out and is trying to fight like a normal (but still bad ass) man. The fighter btw is George St Pierre and is an amazing fighter, check him out!

  18. I’ve just been listening to the podcast, that was very nice (except for the part about Iron Man 3… I really loved that film !). Concerning that dude on the ship who can somehow fight on par with Cap’ for some reason, I’d like to add that it was particularly weird… for a native french speaker like me (much weirder that the fact he was not pummeled to the ground with the first punch) : the character is supposed to be french/algerian but the actor is actually from Québec and therefore speaks with a heavy french canadian accent ! That was completely breaking the immersion for me ! 

  19. oh yeah, I must add I’ve never read any superhero comic book (well, except for Watchmen and tons of european comics not related to super heroes) so I only know those characters through the films… For instance I absolutely loved the Ben Kingsley surprise !

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