Drive Home Breakdown – Zoom H1 Car Test

Exciting news! After doing some research on how to improve the audio quality of the podcast, we just picked up a Zoom H1 handheld recorder. We wanted to share this quick test recorded in the car to illustrate how future episodes of the Drive Home Breakdown are going to sound. Check out our first episode (recorded on Rode SmartLavs) to hear the difference in quality.

6 thoughts on “Drive Home Breakdown – Zoom H1 Car Test

  1. wow that zoom H1 sound really really good. can’t wait for the next episode now. I gotta agree with brent on that there are so many movies coming out and with the cost of going to see them (20-25$ for me) I really wanna make sure that I have a good experiance so most are them are maybe also for me. I saw spiderman 2 and the enxt one that I will see is X-men. The movies I have been looking at are Edge of tomorrow and transcendent just for the upcoming things.

    I question brent and tony. If there is a dryspell have you been thinking of check out direct to DVD/Bluray movies or maybe do a special with a review/talk about some of your favorite movies?

  2. Hey, that Zoom sounds really nice. I believe you have got a winner, there.

    As for movies, my list is pretty much the same as yours having already watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and wanting to go watch X-Men: Days of Future Past, Guardians of The Galaxy, Interstellar and The Hunger Games (the Godzilla one is a “maybe”).

  3. The Zoom works great! I have a good set of speakers and it’s interesting to note that whoever was speaking, their voice came out the the correct speaker.

  4. the new gear is absolutely, 100% an improvement! in the first episode sometimes you could hear a loud motor sound or other random noises, but this was pretty much only your voices, very easy, pleasant listening. looking forward to more episodes even more now 🙂 keep up the epicness!

    ps: as a suggestion for more content (if you have time and are willing to do so) I love to listen to audio commentary on a movie while it plays, like you have on DVDs sometimes, an extra audiotrack from the director/actors etc. when they just talk about behind the scenes stuff, maybe you could do something similar for some of your favorite movies.
    as random example maybe “back to the future” – you could talk about when you first saw it, what you thought of it then and how your oppinion/feelings towards it changed after seeing it more often or just tidbits, facts that you know about the movie.
    dont know if thats something you’d be going for on this site, just an idea

    hmm.. kinda weird the “ps” is longer than the comment..huh.. thats how I roll :p

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