9 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 002 – The Amazing Spider-Man Commentary

  1. This was totally awesome guys. You provided a better commentary track then the movie itself :p Anyways I really hope that you do indeed record one of these for Iron Man 3. It’s a movie that, personally, I had very little issue with… Especially since the release of the One-Shot “All Hail the King” which fixes one of the big issues of the movie that many people had problems with.

    Anyways, I kind of feel the same about Amazing Spider-Man that you do. The Lizard was greatly underused and wasn’t portrayed at all like he should have been (also, where the hell was his wife and kid?!?!). Spidy though was perfect; The humor and way he acted was great and hit the nail on the head for what Spidy should be if you ask me. From what I’ve seen in trailers and clips, it looks like this aspect of him gets better in 2.

    I have one question to ask though… Have either of you seen the “The Spectacular Spider-Man” animated series? If not you really should as some aspects of this movie was inspired by it. The animation style of it may look too cartoony at first, but this was… by far… the best animated series for the web head (It did for Spidy what the old Batman: TAS did for Batman).

    Anyways, keep up the great movie podcasting and I eagerly await the next one!
    ~Lord X from EBA

  2. really awesome guys. loved the commentary all the way and the talk about the raimi movies. I was not a fan of this spiderman not that the story is not good but I am just old school that the conspiracy theory about Peters dad just doesn’t get to me. It is an entertaining movie tho. Loads better then the the 3 raimi movie. The only good thing about that is Bruce Campbell.

    I hope to see more of this and I do vote for alien or aliens at some point.

  3. Thanks for the show! Loved it. I´ve seen nr 2 here in Sweden. And I have to say that I loved it. The action was spectacular. The movie drags at certain parts. But over all..yeah, again…loved it!

    As for other movie suggestions. The Avengers?:)
    Looking forward to new episodes!
    PS: One for Transformers this summer sounds cool! The more the better;)

  4. You should really do a podcast around Iron Man 3.I thought it was vastly superior to the second one. It has some of the sharpest dialogue from the entire series.
    The finale is also a lot better than the one in 1 or 2 and it is one of the few blockbuster movies in recent years that actually had a suprising twist that wasn`t telegraphed or spoiled in the trailers.

  5. Would love to see you commentate some (if not all) of the X-Men films, leading up to Days Of Future Past.

  6. You guys are fantastic. These new breakdown’s are great. I really enjoy the commentary over movies like this and Godzilla. It feels like EBC meets MST3K which is beyond good. Keep it up! I’ll listen to every scrap of material you put out.

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