9 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 004 – Godzilla (1998)

  1. I remember enjoying this when I was a kid in the theatre. But it seriously hasn’t aged well.
    Wasn’t this film meant to turned into a trilogy at some point?

  2. First off, I’m loving Drive Home Breakdown completely. Great job guys.

    I grew up loving Godzilla movies and all those old Kaiju films. (Ultraman was my favorite super hero for at least a couple years as a kid…) In 1998 I was squarely in this film’s target demographic. i.e. a young teenager who had loved both Independence Day and that Taco Bell Chihuahua more than I really should have. But luckily I had the discernment to shun this movie completely. (I did, however, see Godzilla 2000 in theaters and that is one of my favorite ‘seeing a movie in a theater’ memories so far…)
    All that to say, that watching this movie with your commentary track was indeed my first time watching the movie. I am so glad I never wasted the time on it prior to this. If it weren’t for you guys entertaining me throughout, I wouldn’t have made it past the halfway mark. I honestly cannot believe this movie was made and released. As a side-note, I vaguely remember people complaining that this ‘Zilla’ monster did not actually have atomic breath. Instead those two instances of ‘fire breath’ in the movie were actually supposed to just be the creature roaring loudly into a fire and causing a ‘draft’ of flame… as if this movie needed another feather in its LAME hat…
    Like I said before, I’m loving this podcast and you guys are great. I really hope this new Godzilla film lives up to my hopes.

  3. I always found it humorous that the mayor’s last name was Ebert and his assistant was called Gene. As in Gene Siskel. As in Siskel & Ebert. And when the mayor is introduced he gives two thumbs up. Ha…

  4. This episode gave me quite a lot of good laughs, thanks for that.
    And this time we’re on the same page. This is a terrible movie, no doubt about it.
    I enjoyed seeing it for the first time at the movie theater, but that’s mainly because I brought the right kind of people with me who threw quips and popcorn (among other things) at every bad scene in the movie, so we had a good time. But it definitely doesn’t work outside of that environment.
    Though I have to say, I’m kinda torn on the pile of schlock that are the movies by Roland Emmerich (and it’s not because he is a fellow countryman).
    Most of his movies are at least so bad, they’re appropriate material for an enjoyable trash movie couch night. They’re dumb, they’re loud, but at least they’re not really offensive, like lots of the recent Michael Bay stuff, which leaves me angry and bored at the same time. Emmerichs’s disaster movies tend to at least have well-shot setpieces. You can actually make out stuff instead of getting jerked around by the rightfully loathed shaky-cam. Some of the cardboard-characters actually have something that resembles a story-arc. I guess that’s why I’m willing to sit through stuff like Independence Day or 2012 with a few good friends every couple of years or so, without hating myself afterwards. And The Patriot always felt like a rather decent American Braveheart Light, so there’s that.

  5. “Great, a new episode! Do I want to listen to it? Heck yes! Do I want to re-watch ゴジラ 1998? Hmm… I think I’ll pass.” That was pretty much my reasoning.

    Very fun episode, once again, especially the parts where you are like “Let’s just ignore the movie and talk about something else”.
    Oh and, the “inspiration” from Jaws is something I didn’t notice before. Quite interesting, I must say.

    Well, I’ll be watching the new ゴジラ in about 3 hours so we’ll see how this new one fares in comparison.

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