4 thoughts on “Drive Home Breakdown 006 – X-Men: Days of Future Past

  1. Great episode once again! Glad to hear that you guys loved it as much as I did… As well as nerded out over that post-credits scene x) Not much to add, but I’ll ask this: Which 4 mutants do you think will make up the Four Horsemen in X-Men: Apocalypse?

  2. Hey guys, great show once again!
    First of all, as soon as Tony said “let’s go ahead and jump into” I automatically went for “the gauntlet”. Ups, wrong podcast. Anyway, let’s move on.

    I was not a big fan of the X-Men trilogy as a whole, or the Wolverine movies, for that matter. I mean, they were ok but that’s about it. First Class was the first X-Men movie I actually really enjoyed and Days of Future past is, in my opinion, the best X-Men movie to date.

    The pacing of the movie was great, the representation of the powers felt very natural and seamlessly blended with the action and the time paradox angle, sentinels and Bishop kind of reminded me of the 90’s cartoon which is always good.

    It began with a bang; I really liked the first battle and how they set the stage for what an overwhelming enemy the sentinels had become. The transition to the 70’s was funny and the fact that they focused especially on 5 mutants instead of a small “army” was fruitful as I feel the characters got to be a bit more fleshed out.

    I had the same thought during the movie, that they bought into the whole “future” story maybe too easily but, as you mentioned, that would be nitpicking.

    Quicksilver was surprisingly funny and his was a very cool segment.

    All in all, I was really happy with the movie and it finally convinced me that this movie franchise can be worthwhile. It was the first time I went to the movie theater to watch an X-Men movie (although I already meant to with First Class) and now I can safely say that I am interested in going to watch Age of Apocalypse.

  3. So, watched the movie yesterday and have seen all the prior X-men Movies. I should lay down some background to my opinions. My only contact with comic-book characters like Spider-man, Super-man, X-men and so on are through the movies so I am not familiar with the Comic-book cannon except in the vaguest sence.

    Now, Days of Future past I thought was an okay film. It was certainly one of the better ones. Although, the time-travel bits didn’t make sense at the end which annoyed me. Other than that it had cool action scenes, a decent story and so on. The film however didn’t grab me and got me invested in it. I never really got engaged in it. That is a problem with a lot of Singers movies because I often react to them like I do with this one. But as I said, it was an okay film. Would have liked to see more of QuickSilver though.

    I have seen most of the X-men films on Cinema and recently rewatched X-men (2000) and X2. The first one hadn’t aged that well and the second one was still okay but not as good as I remember. X3 is doable in a pinch but not that good. The “feel” of it is way off compared to the other ones. Regarding Wolverine Origins and Wolverine 2 I have to say I have completely opposite opinion. I though the Origins was pretty good. It was entertaining, it had a lot of varied action scenes. I thought Liev Schrieber and Jackman had perfect Chemistry and it had cool mutants in it. Admittedly the effects in it and some parts of the movie overall was pretty B-quality but it was still a fun experience. Wolverine 2 on the other hand was totally bland and uninteresting for me. Mainly because Wolverine wasn’t as much Wolverine in it with him being constantly weakend and impaired. Now, I know that generally having your main protagonist weakend is supposed to create sympathy for the character and make you more invested in the character but in the case of Wolverine it does the opposite. The interesting thing about Wolverine is that he is an indestructible bad-ass and when you take that away he becomes pretty bland in my opinion. The mutants in Wolverine 2 wasn’t that interesting either and overall I found the movie pretty boring and uninteresting.

    I would say that my favourite movie in the franchise is actually First Class which I thought was great and has a perfect blend of drama, humour and action.

    Now, regarding the Matrix-series I am one of the few who actually prefer the second and third movie over the first movie. Now, I saw the first movie in the theaters and loved it. Saw the second and third one in theathers and thought “meh”. Then I bought the Matrix Collection (10 dvd disc or something like it) and since I LOVE watching Behind-the-scenes material I started to get through it all. After having watched that and what the intentions with the second and third movie and some of the philosophies that they tried to incorporate I really started appreciating them more to the point where I actually now prefer them over the first movie.

    So that is all I have to say about that 🙂

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