3 thoughts on “A Breakdown Update with YOUR Questions & Comments

  1. I would love to see you guys do an episode about the upcoming Chris Nolan movie, Interstellar.

  2. Very good idea to do a video response to the comments.

    I have to say that I skipped the Planet of the Apes with James Franco because I was not really interested in it but I became even less so once they showed the trailer at the movie theater which, basically, seems like it shows pretty much every major plot point in the film except the ending.

    That way of doing 2:30m long trailers is so common nowadays that I try to avoid trailers as much as possible, when I decide to go watch a movie.

  3. I was curious to your thguhots on the rake/dealer appreciation cut taken from the 3team tourney. I played as well, and was pretty disgusted when I found out that the 75$ PER TEAM advertised price was manipulated by management to be broken down to 25$ PER PERSON so that they could take a $5 cut from each player ($15 per team) THEN rake on top of that 20% ($4 per player, $12 per team) thus putting only $48 of the $75 into the prize pool. To me, that is almost highway robbery, and I, if anyone, know how important tips are as a dealer myself at one of the local casinos, but even I feel like this was a little much to take off the top.Thanks in advance for your reply,-Jamal

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