The Drive Home Breakdown 010 – Rio Bravo

The Drive Home Breakdown 010 - Rio Bravo

Grab your black hat and pack some dynamite! This week, we’re back in the studio and pulling our copy of Rio Bravo off the shelf! Saddle up for our commentary on what many consider to be the definitive American Western and possibly John Wayne’s best film!

The Drive Home Breakdown 010 – Rio Bravo

5 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 010 – Rio Bravo

  1. great episode again. this movie here came out of nowhere but thats the fun of it all 😀 I haven’t seen this one in many many years but I remember it being ok movie. I am not the big john wayne fan maybe because he never got big over in europe. For me westerns have been movies from enrico morricone and Sergio Leone but, also Bud spencer and terence hill becuase I pretty much watch all there movies when I was a kid.

    Keep up the great work guys!!!

  2. FYI guys Rio Bravo is on amazon prime to rent so its not that hard. its probably cheaper to just buy the dvd is you wanna watch it. imo these commentary episodes are not “spoiling” the movie for me so the movies I haven’t seen I either watch later (if brent and tony gets me interested enough) or skip it and enjoy the humor on the podcast.

    @craig oh yea I forgot that apes 2 was coming out maybe they also forgot and they might gonna watch it and do a episode. Personally I would love to see them do Ghostbusters because, its coming back into theaters in the US for 1 week because of the 30s anniversary blu ray release in 4K.

  3. Great choice and a big surprise. I’ve seen Rio
    Bravo tons of times and grew up watching John Wayne films. I have this on blu-ray and had no idea it was discontinued. I bought it for probably ten bucks early on in blu-ray’s life. I’m in my mid thirties which is around the same age you guys so, yes, there are EBC listeners out there that know older films even westerns. Thanks for doing this.

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