The Drive Home Breakdown 012 – Iron Man 3


You’ve asked for it, we’ve threatened it, and now its here! We’re on record as being harsh critics of Iron Man 3 and many of you want to know why. This week, we pull our copy off the shelf for a running commentary to discuss our thoughts on Iron Man 3!

The Drive Home Breakdown 012 – Iron Man 3

5 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 012 – Iron Man 3

  1. I stopped listening after a while, i know how much you guys hate iron man 3 with a passion but i didnt expect this much of a one sided bashing of the movie and listening to one hour and a half more of that doesnt sound like a fun way to spend my time.

    I think the dialogue in Iron Man 3 was sharp and this is the first iron man movie that has a fun and well choreographed climax. Most of the action scenes are more interesting and better done than the previous movies and even with its flaws i liked it better than Iron Man 2 and Thor 2, both of those were painfully mediocre and forgettable.

  2. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.
    Ok, maybe you were mostly right, but I loved this movie and I still do. I agree with most of the points you made but you know what? I can’t get over the fact that it’s just a kick-ass movie, despite all the plot-holes and weird logic. I guess I’m one of those guys that can overlook the dumb-ass decisions and just enjoy the romp.
    I can understand why you hate this movie, having heard your commentary, I just don’t agree that it’s a bad movie. I preferred it to #2, actually :s
    Always a pleasure to listen to TDHB, even when you’re wrong 😉

  3. Like you said this is a light review because the movie sucks 3 kinds of Brass Monkey Balls! Ironman 1 and 2 are good not great but definitely superior to this boring crap fest.
    The ironman suits in the first could take direct hits, these prototype suits were worthless and broke up into pieces.
    I always thought when you make something better that you take all the strengths from a product and improve upon it. This so-called genius did the opposite.

    Good commentary but a good axing would have been better.

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