The Drive Home Breakdown 015 – John Wick


We’re back! This week we’re heading to the theater for the most unlikely (for us) film of the year; Keanu Reeves’ revenge-action-drama John Wick. Our friends thought we were crazy; hell WE thought we were crazy; but either way, its time to Breakdown John Wick!

The Drive Home Breakdown 015 – John Wick


3 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 015 – John Wick

  1. my local theater does not have the movie but I found another one so I will go see since brent got my interest peaked. I listen to the hole pod and loved the small moment where brent yells at the driver infront to tony saying “I just wish it was a little bit better”

    great work guys

  2. Sadly this is going straight to Blu-ray in Norway, so it will be a while before I can enjoy this one. I like that you are doing classics in-between the theatre runs, but what about doing some modern classics from the time you guys started going to the movies together?

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