The Drive Home Breakdown 016 – Alien [Director’s Cut]


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Grab a flame thrower and an armful of coolant, the Breakdown is back! This week, we’re in the studio with the one of the most celebrated films of all time, Alien! Buckle up for a brand new commentary as we devour this sci-fi/horror masterpiece!

The Drive Home Breakdown 016 – Alien [Director’s Cut]


6 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 016 – Alien [Director’s Cut]

  1. Enjoying the convo, guys. Actually just watched this same version in my new theater room a week or so ago. For some reason it wasn’t as “scary” as I remember it being, but still great. Big screen Alien is indeed much better. One thing, though: I think you mean Ian Holm, not Ian McShane.
    Keep up the fun work (when you can).

  2. Thanks for the new audio, gonna listen to it as soon as i grab a copy of the movie, but one thing i would like to ask…with the SW ep7 hype going on, i would REALLY love to see you guys comment on a SW movie (any episode)…just a request =p

  3. This is my all-time favourite movie. It was a great commentary, Brent and Tony!
    And yes, I agree with Glauber, one or more Star Wars commentaries would be great. Preferably one for a good movie (the original Star Wars) and one for the laughs (The Phantom Menace). Or, if you even want to, maybe all six spread out till the release of the new one, so like one every 2 months 😀

  4. A great commentary track, as always guys. This is also one of my all time favorite movies together with The Thing.
    However I’m curious to know why you chose this version since it’s not a “true” directors cut. When the anniversary edition came out 20:th Century Fox wanted to include director’s cuts of all four films Scott himself was already pleased with the theatrical cut, and considers it the directors cut since he had final word on everything The “directors cut” of Alien is more of an alternative take on the film than a true directors cut, and in fact 5 seconds shorter than the original movie.
    Or in Scotts own words: “The traditional definition of the term “director’s cut” suggests the restoration of a director’s original vision, free of any creative limitations. It suggests that the filmmaker has finally overcome the interference of heavy-handed studio executives, and that the film has been restored to its original, untampered form. Such is not the case with Alien: The Director’s Cut. It’s a completely different beast.”
    Personally I think that the theatrical cut is slightly better because of the pacing, and the added Dallas scene in the anniversary edition is just unnecessary exposition and also confuses the canon a bit.

  5. Awesome commentary track.

    Regarding Alien 3, Tony you should definitely check out the directors cut of it if you haven’t already. It is way better than the Theatrical Edition and ties the Movie better together. There are a complete section of the Movie there that was cut from the Theatrical Release which explains events a bit more. The Directors cut is about 30 minutes longer so it is a quite a substainsual addition to the Movie.

    Regarding the Alien in the wall panel at the end of the first Movie. I have Always interpreted it that the Alien is so slow to get out because it has tucked and folded itself so tightly in to that space that it can’t easily get out. It tries to get out slowly but gets pushed out by Ripley when she blasts the vents. Which explains why it spends some time on the floor “untucking” itself Before it stands up.

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