3 thoughts on “Breakdown Pre-show 017: Star Wars, Terminator, Bond

  1. lol awesome pre-show. Really surprise that you liked the Terminator trailer. The second best thing about the trail was that it ended and the music. its nice to see al the things from T1 but the whole timeline changing this just gives me a really really bad feeling.

    star wars is another thing. really liked the trailer and the first scene with the “storm trooper” is imo really not that big of a problem. From what we know the clone army was almost wiped out so he could be the new trooper and not a clone from the original series. The only issue I had with SW is the light saber. I don’t the hilt they added. if they don’t show it off why they add it. its not something that is making me rage and not wanting to see the movie but to me its a weird choice.

    FYI I know that the movie is not part of the timeline in the books but when you mention the dish that lando broke it made me smile abit. if you have read the Hand of thrawn series Han still is pissed about lando breaking the dish and is not happy lending the falcon to him again.

  2. There’s so much I could say about Terminator and Star Wars, so I’ll be as brief as possible. Terminator has left me a bit confused on how we got a terminator getting at another terminator when it first appears in T1. The last time I heard about it was months ago; the possible story I read was that Skynet would send a terminator to the 1960s to kill Sarah Connor (who is more or less the same age as John’s in T2), a mix of 1&2, though now it looks as though it may partially be back story to how she became a soldier for T1’s events. Perhaps she’ll have the t-800 be a father figure, again similar to John’s in T2.
    As for Star Wars, Disney came out and said essentially that only the Prequel Trilogy, the Clone Wars Series (movie included), the new Rebels TV show, & the Original Trilogy are to be considered canon; meaning things like Thrawn, the Yuuzhan Vong, The Imperial Remnant, all of that may be out the window. The trailer did confirm, however, small elements & terminologies (such as the ‘Light’ side of The Force) would be incorporated into the Sequel Trilogy. For me, I imagine that the Empire, while losing both the Emperor & Darth Vader, is still a major faction in the Civil War; For all I know, the Battle of Endor didn’t end the Empire & the Rebels (though possibly now the New Republic) are now equal in strength to them. In other words, the war (even if its 30 years later) is still going on.

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