The Drive Home Breakdown 018 – 2015 News & Preview!


The Breakdown is back! After an extended holiday-hiatus we’re back in the studio to discuss the news and trailers you’ve been asking about. Ant-Man, Daredevil, and the debut of Spider-Man in the MCU! Then, we revel in the the biggest news of all times: the return of Mr Show! To celebrate, we close out with a commentary for one of our favorite episodes of the beloved sketch-comedy: Bush is a Pussy!

The Drive Home Breakdown 018 – 2015 News & Preview!

6 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 018 – 2015 News & Preview!

  1. Good show! With EBC gone, I need the Breakdown for my cynical fix ala TG. Any update on the coming movie lineup? Superhero movies aside, there are cool things on the horizon; I myself am looking forward to Chappie, Tomorrowland and also the next Terminator and Jurassic World.

  2. Great episode, glad you guys are back! With the recent EBC-lite reunion on OG, I really started to miss Tony and his cynicism.

    I will say it’s amusing that y’all spoke of Spartacus (and how much you liked it) when talking about Daredevil, cos the guy that created the former, Stephen S. DeKnight, was an executive producer on the latter, and in fact took over as showrunner once Drew Goddard departed to focus on Sinister Six (news came out very recently saying that the project is shelved and he will instead be writing and directing the new Spider Man for 2017).

  3. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve not followed this site or the new outlaw gamers society for the last month and three weeks, but its still great to hear your thoughts on movies. As far as Spiderman goes, the rumor is since Spiderman will now be handled by Marvel, there’s going to be a new trilogy that will help establish him into the MCU, will not retell the web slinger’s origin again (since we already saw a butchered version though that’s MY opinion), and it may take the name of Spectacular Spider-man. What this same rumor also says is this will effectively “replace” any of Sony’s plans for him, which may mean there won’t be ASM3 (I personally hope that part is true because I hear you guys saying how great the first & second one are in depicting Spider-man, leaving me questioning your judgement and saying “No sane man in this world can seriously say that & believe it.” Then again, whom am I to argue with anyone since I only know the character through the 60s & 90s cartoons, the Sam Raimi Movies, and my only reading for the comic was the 14 issue mini-series “Maximum Carnage”). Anyway, the Sinister Six stuff may not be scrapped, just absorbed into the Spiderman Marvel plans and may coexist with the planned Civil War thing I’ve been hearing about. Though this is all speculative rumor still, I’d like to hear what you guys thing if this turns out to be true.
    Also, I think you did fine job with the commentary and explaining what this Mr Show is and I hope to hear more commentary in the coming future.

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