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  1. I find it rather funny that you guys would believe that Iron Man 3 is nothing more than a dream that never happened, and yet just from watching the teaser from last year with the Pinocchio song, the conflict in Avengers: AoU events are the result of what transpired in Iron Man 3; To me that means that just as I, a Star Wars fan, must accept that the Prequel Trilogy exists and happened regardless of if I liked them or didn’t, you must accept that the events of Iron Man 3 DID happen & ARE important to the Avengers movie whether you like it or not.
    Also, family has a long tradition of being fans of Star Wars: My Big Brother was about 2ยฝ in 1977 for the original, my older brother was born a month after Empire, and & was almost a year old for Jedi. My parents always tell us about how they went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark in theaters when it first came out, but for the later part of my brothers fandom they only went with me to see A new Hope Special Edition in 97 & only watched The Phantom Menace on DVD around the time Revenge was to hit theaters; my brothers & I went to see the Special Editions, the Prequel Trilogy & even The Clone Wars movie on the big screen (although only my Big Brother & I went, he told me that he enjoyed it as a fun movie, which I felt the same). Although my parents have found themselves in rather difficult financial problem recently, I hope that the seven of us (my Mom, my Dad, my brothers, their family friends, and I) shall be able to watch The Force Awakens when it comes this Christmas.

  2. I don’t recall saying that Iron Man 3 was a dream…only that it was about the shittiest movie I’ve ever seen. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for IM3 influencing AoU, I would agree in the sense that Marvel seems to be continuing the ground work they started in the one-shot All Hail The King. Which is to say, undoing a lot of the damage done by the third Iron Man film. I note, they’ve already reversed course on the whole Aldrich-Killian-is-The-Mandarian twist. Also, as prominently as they’re featuring the Hulkbuster in all their advertising, they might as well be shouting “Don’t worry! We think the ending to Iron Man 3 was total bullshit too! Tony Stark still has lots of Iron Man suits! Come see our movie!”

    So, you challenged me to accept that Iron Man 3 is important to the MCU, whether I like it or not. And, I can totally do that because I agree that IM3 is important, just not in the same way that you do. IM3 is a very important mistake. One that Marvel is working very hard to fix and never repeat. There’s a reason they’re retconning away IM3 left and right, why an extremis-powered Pepper Potts isn’t fighting Ultron alongside The Avengers, and why Shane Black will not be directing another Marvel Studios film: because no one at Marvel wants another movie to tarnish their characters or ass-fuck their canon the way Iron Man 3 did.

    If they use anything that happened in IM3 to explain or drive the events of Age of Ultron it will be the only good thing that came out of that wretched train wreck of a film. And if there’s any studio who can pull out of a nosedive like that, its Marvel.

    Man, that is a great story about your family and Star Wars. Its similar with me. My parents were big Star Wars fans when the films came out and they got me into it, first through the Star Wars Radio Drama, the toys, and eventually the actual movies. One of my earliest, vague memories is seeing A New Hope in a double feature with Poltergeist at the drive-in when I was about four. For Jedi, I was nearly six and I remember that very well.

    My then-girlfriend-now-wife and my parents and siblings, along with about twenty friends, all went to see The Phantom Menace together opening night and it was a spectacular experience. We’re spread out in different parts of the country now so I don’t know if we’ll manage to stage a reunion for Force Awakens but, those films will always be strong in our family. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m sad to hear about your parent’s current situation and I do hope for the best on that front. I can’t think of a better way to spend the holiday than watching a new SW flick with the people I love. Speaking of which, I’m very curious to see how my daughter responds to Star Wars; if this new trilogy is -her- trilogy the way IV-VI were mine. If she and I share a love of Star Wars as she grows up…well, I’d like that very much! It would mean the world to me. But, I’m not going to force it on her…much.

    Crap that was a pun wasn’t it?

    Thanks for your comment and I’ll wish you a happy, pre-emptive, May the 4th!

  3. Cool, always glad to see you guys back ๐Ÿ™‚

    I won’t ever stop vehemently disagreeing with you about IM3, which is one of my favorites from the MCU (also one of the highest rated in both RT and IMDB), but I’m not a Marvel/DC comics fan (though I love comics), so I don’t have that ingrained attachment to the property. I only care if it works in the movie.

    I loved the Trevor twist (even though I did figure it out fairly quickly. Just the way they were blocking and framing certain scenes made it quite clear we were being led on), having absolutely no stake/interest in the Mandarin, and thought Kinsley did a Marvelous job of chewing through that role.

    Also, considering the film made over a billion (along with all the great reviews and word-of-mouth), I’m sure Marvel would have had Shane back if he wanted. But, considering the amount of projects he has in the pipeline, along with Mavel’s announced projects for the next 50 years, I’m not sure how that would have worked. There may not even be an IM4.

    What are they retconning? IM3 never implied Tony was done with suits, it was about him letting go of his insecurity and embrace his role as Iron Man, himself. Not the armor with him just in it. That’s why it’s called Operation Clean Slate, and not Operation Wipe-Out, for example. It was a fresh start.

    I don’t actually think they retconned Killian being the Mandarin. Yes, Hail to the King seemed to show otherwise, but nothing has been heard of that since. We still don’t know how that will play out, if it ever even will.

    It would still be a smaller retcon than Bucky being magically alive in TWS, even though he fell off a fucking cliff. They really showed it in great detail, too. You can see it: the cliff, the giant fall down, and very clearly that NOBODY is around to collect the body within a mile radius. How would they even find him?

    That’s fine, though. I accept it as what it is: a continuity blip. Nothing wrong with that. But you can’t be fine with one and be so against the other. I think your passion for the property may be clouding your logical judgement, honestly.

    Great writing, great action scenes, fun comic atmosphere, great acting, I honestly fail to see your dislike here.

    PS – Potts isn’t fighting Ultron cos Tony removed her Extremis at the end of IM3.

  4. Seriously, just about the only thing I remember about Ultron is Patton Oswalt’s joke about the Avengers rincuiterg in sporting goods stores. I like the way you tetherball, sir. How would you like to take on ULTRON?! But couldn’t Vin be the voice/mo-cap of Ultron? He’s got a robot-y voice.

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