8 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 020 – Avengers: Age of Ultron

  1. So much nitpicking… It feels to me like you’re thinking that the movie was bad. Like 70% of the stuff you talk about is negative… If it was good, you should make it sound like it was good. And no talk about the hulkbuster fight!? I freakin’ love the movie. All I could talk to my friends about when coming out of the cinema was the cool stuff. I’m kinda bummed that you talked so much about minor problems. Oh well, still good to hear you back in black!

  2. Wondering if you guys will do a separate review of the Extended Cut when it comes out on blu-ray. Apparently the original cut was 3 to 3.5 hours longs. It was one of my problems with the film (saw it twice) and its very apparent that there’s parts of “time” cut out for the sake of progress. Aside from that, I LOVED this movie. Ultron, as funny as he was, was amazing. He is the perfect representation of Tony’s ego. The Vision was perfect! Though he didn’t come into the film until the last 15 minutes I instantly bought into his charm and everything he stood for. All the small character interactions were so great. Its a different kind of movie. It stumbles but accomplishes so much for what it had to do. I really loved how in 3 minutes they sum up all the four gems we’ve seen in Avenger, Thor 2 and Guardians and set it all up for Infinity War. I CANNOT WAIT! Glad to hear you guys back!

  3. I have to say I had no problem with how quickly Ultron arrived to his way of thinking. I view it like Skynet. It went online, and immediately decided mankind needs to be exterminated. Same for Ultron, he gained sentience, viewed the history of mankind on the net, and immediately knew what had to be done. He’s a super advanced AI that thinks at the speed to light. He’s not doing baby steps. Thought it made sense.

  4. I think you guys missed that the bulk Ultron’s programing came straight from the Loki pokey stick i.e. Thanos, not Strucker. There was no evolution required, he had his priority mission before Stark starts his 6 seconds of tinkering, “Fine I’ll do it myself” tells you that.
    I loved the prima nocta joke, must have been the only one who got it coz I was lmao & there was nothing but crickets behind me.

  5. I hope you guys are able to see it again, because I thought it was better the second time around. You’re able to catch things that didn’t make sense the first time around. Marvel needs to release that 3.5 hour extended edition on blu-ray or something.

    You guys were wondering how Vision was made in the comics. Ultron made him with some parts from the original Human Torch and Wonder Man.

  6. Just started listening but had to post that I’m happy to see a new episode and so soon after the last one too 🙂

  7. Love to see you guys back! Still waiting on that Terminator commentary hehe. You should do a trilogy of sequels commentaries! Like Aliens, Terminator 2 and TRANSFORMERS 2, THE WORST ONE OF ALL! As good as it is hearing about movies you love, the Transformers review was by FAR the funniest one of all.

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