The Drive Home Breakdown 021 – Ant-Man


The Breakdown is Back! Over the weekend, we headed to the theater for Marvel’s final Phase Two outing. Can Marvel Studios continue their incredible string of success or will their smallest superhero break the winning-streak? Its time to Breakdown Ant-Man!

The Drive Home Breakdown 021 – Ant-Man


One thought on “The Drive Home Breakdown 021 – Ant-Man

  1. welcome back! well I haven’t seen the movie and its pretty much the same reason what brent wife said. The trailer didn’t show me anything interesting that made me wannna spend money going to the theater to watch this.

    I find paul rod and the bad puns he does just horrible so that doesn’t help the motivation. I will see it when it hits on netflix.

    I would like to hear a movie newz episode because we have some interesting things on superman vs batman also get some thoughs on what you are gonna go watch in the future.

    great episode and hope to see more coming in the future

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