7 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 024 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  1. Yeah, at first I thought Luke was going to be the Obi Wan of this movie but near the end I was thinking Han Solo was actually their older mentor character even though his personality is so different. Then I saw him walking out to confront Kylo Ren… and I was like, uh oh. If Han Solo is Obi Wan and Kylo Ren is Darth Vader, and this is A New Hope… then… !!!

  2. Hey guys! Cool with a new episode! 🙂
    I seen it twice here i Sweden and I really loved it as well. Thats without being a big star wars fan at all.

    My question thou. Since you said you “screamed out ..:” in the start of the movie.

    That just got me thinking, sicne its not the first time ive heard someone from the US say that.
    Is that a common thing over there? Since I often hear ppl applaud, cheer, scream and so on there at the cinema. Sometime it almost sounds like a cinema in the US are like a Blizzcon, Comicon, or any other convention.

    Cause that is NOT a thing over here in Scandinavia at least and many other countries:)
    I mean..ofc ppl laugh at jokes and so on. But if you start screaming or cheering loudly you are most likely being thrown the hell out cause you are disturbing ppl that are trying to enjoy the movie.

    Am not criticizing. Just curious if thats really how it is? Cause for us Europeans that is really strange. 🙂

    • It kind of depends on the theatre/neighborhood you are in. Some audiences can get really into a movie and then that is what you are locked in for. In general, laughter is OK, but screaming, outbursts, and comical rips are not.

      • Thanks for the reply Sir! Was just curious. 🙂
        Its interesting to hear how it can differ.
        PS: When I was watching the Force awakens. There were actually a couple of teens behind me that felt they had to comment on EVERYTHING. SO I just turned around and did the “schyyy” sound to them. I bet they thought of me like some grumpy old man 😉
        (am 32).
        Again thanks for the show. Dident mean to “derail” the topic

  3. Some of the flaws that you marked as Star Wars nuance and endearing as “21st century” Star Wars I found disappointing. I mean, when casual movie goers like ourselves spot the plot holes and inconsistencies and opportuntiies to strengthen the narrative and characters after one viewing, you wonder what the editors and writers were thinking. I certainly did enjoy the film, of course because I didn’t analyze it too much. I just hope the writiers tighten things up for the next 2 installments. BTW, unless I missed it, you guys didn’t wonder what the heck Kylo was doing with his grandfathers head/helmet in his bedroom?

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