The Drive Home Breakdown 026 – Deadpool


Now that we (along with the whole planet) have finally seen Deadpool, its time to hit the road with our discussion on the movie that breaks records like appendages against Colossus’ face. Get ready to Breakdown Deadpool!

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The Drive Home Breakdown 026 – Deadpool

4 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 026 – Deadpool

  1. great episode. I was curious about what you guys though about it and I was right that you would like it. I have never erad any of the deadpool comics but I am a huge x-men fan so I had to check it out. there was some awesome jokes in it. I didn’t really watch all the trails because I know they spoil movies these days. I think they did it right and I hope to see more deadpool. As for the big R rating train going on I am not a fan. as you guys mention in it needs to fit the movie and not just be put on because they think that will sell tickets. I think deadpool has showned that R rating can be done if it fit the story and character and this one did. “I bet it will feel huge in this small hand” is probably my favorit line in the movie I was crying at that time of laughter.

  2. I agree with everything Chris says (xmen fan, didnt watch trailer, did right by deadpool) EXCEPT the R rating. It was literally the only reason I saw it. And there was a movie I was interested in recently, The 5th Wave, which I didn’t see simply because it was PG. The Wolverine movies were so tame that they were pointless, now they’re talkin an R rated Wolverine movie! Best. Decision. Ever. All the best movies ever are R rated (Aliens, Terminator, Predator, Fight Club, 300)
    Lol I haven’t listened to the episode yet, going overseas in 1 week so I need all the podcasts I can get. Cheers guys!

  3. You guys echoed my sentiments exactly. The movie was exactly what it needed to be, and as Brent says in the beginning, it means a lot for what can be done with comic book movies going forward. I love that Fox took a big risk, and it paid off.

    Like Brent and Tony say, the only thing I didn’t like was that they used a lot of the jokes from the trailers, which by that point, I was hearing for the 50th time.

    I would have changed some jokes, and took out some others, but ultimately the film was great to me. Well done Fox (did I really just say that?).

  4. I hope this opens the eyes back up to that we can get a new Dredd with Karl Urban because he really wants to do it but no one will toch it because the other one was a finacial flop but was reviewed really really well by a lot fo people including my self.

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