The Drive Home Breakdown 027 – For Better or Worse


The Breakdown is back! Here’s our pre-show recording during the drive up for Batman v Superman! We dish on our expectations for the film, then discuss the competition from Marvel with Captain America: Civil War, Daredevil season 2, and the likelihood of a Hawkeye Netflix series. Stay tuned for the Breakdown on Batman v Superman coming very soon!

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The Drive Home Breakdown 027 – For Better or Worse

One thought on “The Drive Home Breakdown 027 – For Better or Worse

  1. great episode and I hope you enjoyed the movie. I watches it saturday and I came in with low expectation because I really didn’t like the trailers that I have seen. To me they where a big mess and didn’t potray anything other then ITS BATMAN FIGHTING SUPERMAN GO WATCH. Which is really a small part of the dark night returns (but an important part). I have to agree with brent that DC and marvel TV series atm are more interesting then the movies coming out. I do think the new cap movie looks good but I will not judge it before I have seen it. I look forward to listening to the after show episode and see what you say.

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