The Drive Home Breakdown 028 – Batman v Superman


Its Breakdown v Batman v Superman as we throw down the pedal and the gauntlet with our drive-home discussion on the first film entry of the DCU. Get ready for a raucous review of a film that managed to surprise us for good and bad. The Breakdown is rolling out!

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The Drive Home Breakdown 028 – Batman v Superman

5 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 028 – Batman v Superman

  1. Hey! FINALLY I get to see a movie before you make a show of it! I’ve been playing catch up, but at last I’m on the same page as you guys.

    I was never big on superhero movies; I’ve never read a comic about them so I’m by all means a ‘casual’. The movie was OK, I went in expecting to hate it but came out saying ‘hey that was actually kind of cool’. By no means that makes it great though…Many flaws you guys have already discussed, and I agree that the whole BvS main conflict was so stupid. “BATMAN, STOP! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU” and he then proceeds to friggin PUNCH BATMAN SO HIGH HE LANDS ON A ROOF. What the hell…

    Anyway, I just hope that they can take their time with this franchise and make sure to do it well. Thank you for making a show of this, it’s always a pleasure to hear you guys!

  2. Well I went in with LOW expectations, came out not hating it but not liking it much either. Tried to talk about it with my friend and we found we just didn’t have much to say….I guess it just gets a resounding “MEH”

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