The Drive Home Breakdown 030 – Captain America: Civil War


The Breakdown is rolling out on our most anticipated film of the year: Captain America Civil War! Even with the hype, and our expectations, was the film able deliver on all it promised? Was it able to pay-off the huge roster of characters it featured? Are we already standing in line to buy tickets to Black Panther and Spider-Man: Homecoming? Check out our conversation, originally broadcast live from the car, to find out!

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The Drive Home Breakdown 030 – Captain America: Civil War

4 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 030 – Captain America: Civil War

  1. Yes we will. Not sure of the day just yet, but I’ll post about that as soon as we know and give everyone notice as to the approximate broadcast times.

  2. I know you guys don’t like other peoples impressions, so I’ll just say….I think you’ll have strong feelings either way about Xmen. There’ll be plenty to say after it I think. I’ve heard a few reviews so far but I haven’t agreed with any of them. Very, VERY curious to see how u guys go with it 🙂

  3. Seems like saying that Marvel has got their filmmaking down to an effective formula would be an understatement. On so many angles these films work if your a movie fanatic, comic purists, or a newbie to the franchise. I always find it amazing how as great a popcorn movies that these films are, they very rarely warrant a second viewing in my humble opinion aside from Winter Soldier and Guardians because they both brought something different than the previous films. And while Civil War did little to add anything new to the genre and troupes, the action, proficient handling of the characters, pacing, and overall new editions to the overarching narrative make this a film worth watching multiple times for the fan service and larger implications to the universe like Black Panther and Spider-Man. I’ve become really excited about how Thanos will be handled as that film will come closer to release.

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