The Drive Home Breakdown 031 – X-Men Apocalypse


We are heading back to the theater to suit up and save the world with X-Men Apocalypse! Will the latest X-universe flick finally be the X-Men movie the world has been waiting on or will it succumb to X-Men’s third-film-curse? The Breakdown is rolling out!

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The Drive Home Breakdown 031 – X-Men Apocalypse

4 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 031 – X-Men Apocalypse

  1. Great show as always guys!
    I was blown away by this movie! Loved it more than any x men movie to date. I do think it had the highest highs and the lowest lows though. Some of the worst dialogue in the series, cinema sins will have a field day with it. But the quicksilver scene, the wolverine scene and everything apocalypse did was just brilliant! As a guy who never read the comics, I get most of the back story from you guys. I had never heard of apocalypse until you guys talked about it in the xmen DOFP commentary. I didn’t know nightcrawler was mystiques son, or quicksilver was magneto’s son, etc. I think lacking any ties to the characters helped alot with this one, because i wasnt dissapointed by psylock because I’d never heard of her, Apocalypse’s look didn’t bother me etc.
    But the thing I loved was the Big Bad Guy. Not a Magneto stale mate, not Kevin “pig nose” bacon, not just stopping the Bad Thing from ever happening. A Bad Guy doing Bad Things and he needed to be stopped! Call the XMEN!!!
    If you guys want an…errr…”interesting”…movie to watch, check out Warcraft. It’s……..a little different.

  2. Awesome job guys. I think the movie was not as strong as the first two, but it was good nonetheless and I had fun with it. Quicksilver in that Sweet Dreams scene had me roaring with laughter..If you’re bored and have some free time to record something, maybe watch an old movie like you did with First Blood or Yojimbo?

  3. Lol I just realised this movie needed more Spitwad/Senator Kelly


  4. Yeah, I enjoyed the fun of this movie that was brought mostly buy Quicksilver. I enjoyed the cold open with Magneto as he really is a dark and troubled character that I felt hasn’t remotely been captured on screen until First Class. Psyclocke is such a rich character that it’s always amazing to see how they throw these characters away like paper dolls. It reminds me of the use of Bane in Batman and Robin. Barry Windsor Smith’s take on Weapon X was a visceral depiction that this filmed failed to embody in the slightest. I know that they had to show Jackman’s face because of how much he costs to get into the movie; but, half of the allure of the infamous Weapon X break out was the fact that you can’t see his eyes, only a red lens….as the night goes on and he escapes, the terror intensifies as the body count increase, he becomes covered in blood, and Dr. Cornelius remains…..that nod might have been fan service and a way to get Wolverine into this timeline but I felt like I was watching one of the original ninja turtle films while I watched that scene. Still, I feel the film was better than the original arc so a nod to the production team for everything they tried except for that Apocalypse get up….sheesh…….

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