The Drive Home Breakdown 032 – Suicide Squad


The Breakdown is back! We’re hitting the road for DC’s latest offering, Suicide Squad! A lot is ridding on this entry in the DC Extended Universe. Can Task Force X reignite fan fervor after the cold reception to Batman v Superman? Time to throttle down and find out!

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The Drive Home Breakdown 032 – Suicide Squad

3 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 032 – Suicide Squad

  1. Is this the first episode in which one of you don’t give a rule/advice for the road at the end of the show?

    Glad to hear you guys again! I watched this movie. I laughed. That was about it….Much like Tony said, when the movie went full “ONE DREAM ONE FAMILY GUYS” it all came crashing down. The whole point about these guys is that they’re meant to be selfless. Surprised you didn’t comment on the dancing hula-hula villain shot.

    Anyway, hope to hear you again soon. You’re the best!

  2. I’ll be honest, the only thing I hated about this movie was there was nothing memorable about it. No great jokes, no great action beats…..just meh

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