The Drive Home Breakdown 033 – Star Trek Beyond


The Breakdown is back! After losing all interest after the first few trailers, friend-feedback got us curious enough to drop the needle on Star Trek Beyond! Was the film able to win us over? Did Justin Lin wreck the house that Abrams built? Is there any justification for the motorcycle sequence? The Breakdown is rolling out!

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The Drive Home Breakdown 033 – Star Trek Beyond

5 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 033 – Star Trek Beyond

  1. Oh man, it must be Christmas! Here I was just passing by to listen to the Suicide Squad episode I hadn’t listened to yet and what greets me today when I navigate to the homepage? A brand spankin new episode on Star Trek Beyond. Today is a good day. Here’s hoping you guys find it in your schedule to do some more classic movies in the interim between new releases. Long live the Axe Head Army!

  2. What happened to the pre-show breakdowns? I really enjoyed those… 🙁

    Especially with no Outlaws, it’s not like I can get a good dose of Brent and even more so Tony on a consistent basis anymore.

  3. Good show! I am surprised you liked it, I did not enjoy it at all. I totally agree that a motorcycle does not belong in Star Trak and that the whole Sabotage thing is strange at best. I mean even if the radio signals caused the ships to collide with each other, the ships not affected would figure out to stay from the Franklin, right? And why on earth would they destroy the Enterprise (again) ? She is always a character in the movies/series, but pretty useless in this one.

    The crew did not really have anything to do either; Sulu flew the Franklin and had one good line, Scotty called face paint girl lassie, Uhura seperated the saucer section and Chekov taped his foot and that was pretty much it save for Bones and Spook having some good character progression together.

    I think my biggest gripe is that the start of the movie was poor. Both the previous ones start the same; cold open, action sequence, titles. Bang! You’re in Star Trek. For me this one felt like a generic sci-fi and never like Kelvin timeline/abramsverse Star Trek.

  4. So I’m not a Star Trek fan, saw the first 2 reboot movies and thought they were alright. This one was ok, The motorbike was so out of place that I was like whaaaaaa? I assumed it was an obscure reference to the show. Now I know, it was just there for no reason….how odd

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