The Drive Home Breakdown 035 – Dr Strange


Bring up the house lights and lock the doors, we’re back in the car to discuss Marvel’s latest flick Dr Strange! We’ve been waiting for the on-screen debut of Stephen Strange since Winter Soldier, but does the good Doctor’s first solo outing deliver the goods? The Breakdown is rolling out!

The Drive Home Breakdown 035 – Dr Strange

2 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 035 – Dr Strange

  1. I liked the movie, but I did not really get a Marvel feeling from it apart from the obvious tie ins. Granted Ant-Man and Guardians had this issue too in some way, but not nearly as much as this one. I guess it was intended, so as to make it its own thing, but I doubt I will be rewatching it as many times as I have Guardians.

  2. I had a similar feeling. I really enjoyed the opening act and appreciated the special effects. I felt the mid credits teaser was a bigger payoff than the actual climax itself. Initially I walked away thinking “OK. So, at least they have introduced Dr. Strange to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.” But, the credits teaser made me long for Strange’s integration into the next Thor or whatever other Marvel film. I found myself recalling how great it was to see Ant Man in in Civil War because of what he added to the film. But, as a stand alone…I really had no interest in watching this film again and found the confrontation with the big purple CGI face in the sky forgettable but very indicative of Marvel Comics’ right now.

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