The Drive Home Breakdown 036 – Rogue One


The Breakdown is back with the world’s first non-saga Star Wars film: Rogue One! After a year of few highs and a lot of lows, we went into this film with enormous enormous expectations. Is it ‘the next Empire’ as so many have claimed? Was it watered down in editing as some feared? Is it the ‘new’ Star Wars experience we didn’t get with Episode VII? Only one way to get the answers.

The Breakdown is rolling out!

The Drive Home Breakdown 036 – Rogue One

4 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 036 – Rogue One

  1. Gotta say, this is now my favorite star wars movie. The characters were shallow, it was a tad predictable but I loved nearly every second of it. Funnier, better action and more awesome moments than anything before it IMO 🙂

  2. The Empire switched from clones to voluntary recruits in Star Wars Rebels. The clones all became old and most died except for Rex and his men which later worked for the Rebels.

  3. Yeah, it seems the critics of this film are as hidden as the Trump supporters. I enjoyed the last 15 minutes but found the film’s flaws overwhelming. Perhaps the nostalgia of my youth has finally been depleted when it comes to these films; as much as I’ve enjoyed some of the comics by Dark Horse which feature many stories without light sabers, I think I really need them in my SW films and need less characters with true development.

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