The Drive Home Breakdown 040 – Wonder Woman


The Breakdown is back! We’re putting the throttle down to find out if Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot can lasso the DCEU and pull it out of a steep nose-dive. Grab a party dress and the closest tank, the Breakdown is rolling out on Wonder Woman!

The Drive Home Breakdown 040 – Wonder Woman

4 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 040 – Wonder Woman

  1. I enjoyed the film mostly because I like the fact that there is now a strong live action female character for children to see, girls and boys alike. My only criticism for Gadot regarding her announcement for playing the lead character was that I felt her frame was frail. She definitely has the face and the acting chops, but I always thought that Jaimie Alexander from the Thor movies seemed to have a stronger build. But, I am biased to reading the WW comic. I found the final act the weakest as well. I would have preferred a more physical, hand to- hand battle with Ares instead of the CGI fire and brimstone fest we got at the end. I’m glad the film exists and hope that future DC films etch in the same direction.

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