The Drive Home Breakdown 046 – Black Panther


Pedal down and prepare for glory, the Breakdown is back! A couple weekends late, we’re finally on the prowl to check out the movie that now owns the month of February: Black Panther! Marvel Studios is breaking traditional formulas and box office records left and right with their latest outing. Does the film live up to the hype? Does it escape the gravity of being a Marvel origin film? Time to find out, the Breakdown is rolling out!

[The hiss in the recording is due to a problem with our audio recorder. We’ll have it fixed for next time.]

The Drive Home Breakdown 046 – Black Panther

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2 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 046 – Black Panther

  1. I think you can’t ignore the fact that African culture was painted in a positive light. Can you think of any other movie that has done that? Most movies paint the countries of Africa as war torn, suffering from famine, civil war, or racism/colonialism. Well, here you go, although fictional…here is what could have been if the white man never got in an raped your land…LOL

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