The Drive Home Breakdown 048 – Ready Player One


The Breakdown is Back! We’re out of the theater and back in the car, having just seen Ready Player One! Can the film possibly live up to our expectations as die-hard fans of Ernie Cline’s visionary novel? Can Spielberg deliver his magic one more time? Can anyone just pretend they tried to put The Tomb of Horrors in this movie? Time to find out, the Breakdown is rolling out!

The Drive Home Breakdown 048 – Ready Player One
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5 thoughts on “The Drive Home Breakdown 048 – Ready Player One

  1. I personally loved the movie. There was talk early on that it might diverge considerably from the book and I went into the movie with that exact mindset, trying to look at it as if the book had not existed and I think that really helped (Though I would have preferred a direct translation in the form of a trilogy). I’m excited to own it on blu ray.
    Another great conversation guys and I’m still looking forward to your blu ray commentary for The Force Awakens! 😀

  2. Just got back from the Theater. Held off on listening to the Podcast until I watched it myself. Overall a good Movie, but I prefer the book. Too bad they didn’t turn this into multiple movies.

  3. I think they nullified Artemis as an independent woman in her own right. She had ventured far into the realm of discovering the first key and was a competitor throughout the book; in addition, she was a lot more mature, competitive and independent…I get that there will be changes from the text but nerfing her character made her practically forgettable and just a throw away love interest…..

    I agree with somehow the point of the value of the knowledge of obscure 80’s culture was lost in the translation; to me, the book was a love letter to the eighties….I’m not sure, beyond the movie being a fun kid’s movie, what message it was trying to tell…

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